Mapping Exposure-Induced Immune Effects: Connecting the Exposome and the Immunome

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Looking back at the first EXIMIOUS Symposium​

More than 60 participants joined on the afternoon of 15 June 2021 to learn more about key aspects of exposome-immunome interactions at different stages of life, looking into ways of measuring the internal exposome and the effects of occupational settings.

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Partner in the spotlight: Imec

Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, Imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies and is a leader in combining microchip technology, software, and ICT. Imec’s research bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and technology development in industry.

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Next Events

EXIMIOUS-EPHOR Symposium organised as part of the IOHA 2021 Conference | Remote – register for the conference!
Exposure assessment in the exposome context – need for precise – broad-scope – external exposure assessment

Past Events

EXIMIOUS Symposium | Remote – watch it again!
Exposome-immunome interactions: A broad introduction
16:00 – 16:40 Early life imprinting by environmental factors on the developing human immune system (research study)
16:40 – 17:20 Introduction to the environmental immune response from the human perspective
17:20 – 18:00 The interaction between the chemical exposure via skin and the occupational asthma: experience from animal and clinical studies

EXIMIOUS General Assembly | Remote

EXIMIOUS General Assembly | Remote

EXIMIOUS General Assembly | Oslo, NO

Exposome Cluster Kick-off Meeting | Brussels, BE

EXIMIOUS Kick-off Meeting | Leuven, BE