Mapping Exposure-Induced Immune Effects: Connecting the Exposome and the Immunome

Partner in the spotlight: BeCOH

4 March 2021

Next up in our news posts series “Partner in the spotlight”, meet the Belgian Center for Occupational Hygiene (BeCOH). Represented within the EXIMIOUS project by Pieter Bertier and Steven Verpaele, BeCOH is a non-profit organisation set up to promote the advancement of knowledge concerning occupational hygiene.

BeCOH aims at being a contact point for industry and public organizations to inform them about standards, exposure assessment campaigns and analytical methods, and by providing exposure sampling, analytical and reporting services related to occupational hygiene. BeCOH keeps up with the advancements in its field by participating in international research projects. Another important part of the mission of BeCOH is to actively share its expertise and resources by participation in organizations aimed at improving workplace health in regions of the world where that is most needed, such as WHWB (Workplace Health Without Borders) and OHTA (Occupational Hygiene Training Association). Within EXIMIOUS, BeCOH’s main contributions will be in the assessment of the exposure. They will organize and perform the exposure assessment campaigns in the different cohorts. These campaigns are corroborated by exposure modelling, based on their in-house expertise and industry-wide exposure data collection. In addition, BeCOH will apply its analytical expertise to develop novel analytical techniques for the assessment of newly identified exposure threats and more efficient, direct, on-site exposure assessments.

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